KGS Utility

KGS Utility 8.0

KGS Utility allows rebooting, flashing, rooting the supported HTC devices
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KGS Utility is a simple to use "All-in-One" toolkit for exploits on HTC PYRAMID variants. It's a HTC Sensation/XE/4G management utility that allows rebooting, flashing, rooting and tweaking the settings of the supported devices.

This tool provides a very easy to perform the following:

- Reboot your device normally, or to bootloader or recovery.
- S-OFF for Hboot ≤1.18 devices using Revolutionary
- S-OFF for Hboot 1.2x devices using JuopunutBear (Wire trick is needed)
- Installing 4EXT Touch Recovery or CWM recovery for all S-OFF / HTC Dev Unlocked devices.
- Rooting for all devices (With or without a custom Recovery)
- Write SuperCID or custom CID for all S-OFF devices
- Install firmware for all S-OFF devices
- Flash ZIP from recovery for all S-OFF devices with custom recovery installed
- Flash (Depending on what the is, the requirements for this may differ)
- Flash boot.img for HTC Dev unlocked/ S-OFF devices
- Flash Unlocked =JuopunutBear= Hboot for devices that have S-OFF

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